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Power of One January 31, 2011

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“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try themselves, and those who are afraid that you will succeed” (Ray Goforth).  Don’t let the fears of others tell you how far you can go. If the tree branch looks slightly out of reach then that’s the branch you should reach for.  How big you dream, and what you can achieve, is totally dependent on you. A popular saying claims that there is strength in numbers. I don’t always agree. Sometimes your drive is diminished by a lack of support from those you love. You crave their approval but they don’t give it. You seek their help but they don’t offer it. You ask for their wisdom but it’s withheld. You feel alone. But there’s a silver lining. Evoke the power of one which is the belief that you can triumph over any obstacle life presents.  There will be times when the people around you will tell you that you’re less. Those people lack vision. They don’t see what you see. They have given up; letting life bury them under an avalanche of doubt, fear, and anxiety. Carry a shovel so you can dig yourself out. Sometimes being alone is better than being in a pack as supportive as a bunch of Desperate Housewives. Seek out people who will be there when you need them. These are the folks that believe in you and see the world as full of possibilities. Drop the dead weight of the past. You can’t maintain relationships based on nostalgia and blood ties alone.

Are you being supported in your goals?

The Power of One


Hot Pepper Hope August 15, 2010

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Hope is like hot pepper sauce, a little goes a long way.  It flavors all your meals with a little kick.  It changes the texture and taste of everything and transforms it into something new.  An abundance of the sauce is like an explosion in your mouth that makes your eyes water, makes you take a dash for the nearest faucet and makes you dance around on one foot waiting for the sensation of heat to subside.  If hope is a seasoning then that’s what it would taste like.  Spicy.   When it comes to experiencing life—some like it hot!  I know because for some nothing is too flammable for their palate.  The moment the heat dies down their off again to grab the next piece of rib, chicken wing or lamb chop.  They keep coming back for more because the flavor reminds them that their alive.  It’s better to feel something, even explosive emotion, than to feel nothing at all.  Living life without hope is like cooking and eating the same meal everyday without the benefit of even the barest hint of flavor.  Repetitive meals of this type make a person lose their appetite; they get skinny and wane and the act of consuming food becomes a laborious chore.  People who live life without hope get anemic. Apathetic. Despondent. They lose the ability to taste and enjoy life. So for those on a vegan-life diet, choose to apply the hot pepper sauce to your life with a heavy hand.  Spice up everything you do with dashes of happiness, pinches of gladness, sprinkles of cheer and great big splashes of love and excitement.  Don’t be afraid that the fire will get too hot and burn out of control.  Hope is an ingredient that has no emotional threshold.  So for those of you who have forgotten to cook and live life with zest.  Don’t be afraid of the fire.  Burn baby, burn.   

Some Like it Hot!


Dead but Still Breathing August 2, 2010

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Super Sistah went to church on Sunday, I won’t tell you whether my butt was physically parked in the pew or if it was parked in front of the T.V.  Either way after a couple of Amen’s, I left church early.  Yes, I know, I’m a heathen. Or am I really? Only the angels guarding the entry to heaven in those cute little white diaper shorts on judgment day will know for sure. What I do know is that before I dashed off to do some critical, life affirming errands (shop at Target), and right before the choir hit its first scratchy notes lead by a member clearly not Whitney, the sermon given by the preacher actually touched me. It spoke to me.  It moved me.  Yeah, Super Sistah had a spiritual moment.  The topic on first Sunday—for the non-religious, the most spiritual Sunday of them all—was the theme: Your Life is on Loan

What did the pastor mean?  For the piously challenged I will share how he broke it down to the congregation.  

Some people live like they will live forever.  Some people live like tomorrow is guaranteed.  Some people are kind to others but are mean and miserly to themselves.  Some people take small bites out of life and eat God’s abundance with measured, stingy chews.  Some people work to pay bills, pay the car note and pay the mortgage and never laugh, enjoy life or see the world in all its glory.  There are people with thousands in the bank but can’t remember the last time they were happy. Like the 1995 movie with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, they’re Dead Man Walking.  Unfortunately for these folks they’re not Hollywood actors and not vampires with diamond skin and good hair.  Instead they’re flesh and blood human beings, who through deprivation and an unholy commitment to self-sacrifice have stopped breathing.  The X already marks their plot site, the tombstone has already been chosen and the coffin is a custom fit.  They’re dead already.  They just don’t realize.  They’re the living embodiments of the flick the Sixth Sense.  I watch a lot of movies so what! The point that I want to make is that when I die, I will die because death is inevitable; I want to say that I have seen, done and experienced all the love and laughter that my heart and hands can hold.  I want to be the greedy guest at thanksgiving and gorge myself on all that life has to offer.  I rather die now then be perpetually afraid, always color within the lines and wait for a tomorrow that I may never see.  To all of you who have forgotten to breathe.  Exhale.  Your Life is on Loan 

Is your life an exercise in being joyous? Tell me, are you living life like it’s a gift? 

Dead but Still Breathing