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Blogging while Black February 6, 2011

Like driving while black, blogging while black comes with occupational risks. Just like fights break out on the playground, the blogosphere can be a hostile place filled with bullying kids.  Recently I clashed with a site that made me feel like I was Rodney King and they were the cops. It’s a big bad blog with enough site visits per day to make this blog weep. The site: is as popular as my site can only hope to be. They inspired me. Or so I thought. This is what I did to piss the site off.  By now you know the Super is sassy and sarcastic. I have my own opinions and those aren’t for everybody. For instance, I could care less about the Steve Harvey scandal and the fight brewing between the comedian and his ex-wife.  But when I stumbled upon the blog post and read the commentary dissing and dismissing Steve’s female fans as mindless fools without class. I took offense.  The Super is all about the sisters so I took the bashing personally.  I began my post reply on this black blog with…..judgmental much? Instantly the site’s author, the blogmother started breathing fire. This is a part of what she said to me: “The Super Sistah is no sister at all, she’s a MALE-IDENTIFIED woman who thinks women are disposable and men are Gods. Steve Harvey’s agent needs to get off this blog!”

Now dem be fighting words. So I fought.

With shaking hands I whipped off a snarky reply and sat back waiting for the dog fight. My blog is a little Chihuahua but it’s scrappy and knows how to bite. After a day or two of waiting I realized the site had no intention of posting my reply. It was all for the best. I hate when black blogs fight.  It just would have gotten ugly, ultimately ending with protective Vaseline covering my keyboard and my monitor pulling out her monitor’s weave. What would have been the point? If I scrap I try to do it over something more important than a celebrity’s personal life. Maybe my post reply was too cryptic or I caught the blog on a bad day which made it treat me like a white journalist reporting from the Middle East. Being blasted online was like getting a cyber bitch slap.  So that’s what a backhand feels like. My cheek is still stinging. I better get used to it. I’m a little blog with a big mouth. If the blogosphere is anything like High School then I think I just got punched in the eye and shoved in the locker by the school jock. No one said blogging while black would be without its occupational risks. My keyboard’s eye is swelling but I’m still typing. You can’t silence me.

Have you ever been bullied because of your beliefs?

Blogging while Black


2 Responses to “Blogging while Black”

  1. Miss Trish Says:

    Hello hello…

    I TOO HAVE BEEN BLOG BULLIED OR WHATEVER U WANNA CALL IT GIRL!! lol! Now In a sense I’m just like you… a little blog with A WHOLE LOT TO SAY. I think back in 09 I posted a blog about black women who stare at each other constantly like we are endangered species, when in fact, we pretty much are the same ( wear weaves, don’t wear weaves… etc) … GIRRRRRRRRRRLLLL… I was cyber-kicked, punched–slapped and rolled over because of that. I got sooo many emails talking bout i’m not BLACK… I’m an ” oreo cookie”…. How dare I say that we black women stare at each other… You could have sworn I said something negative about the pope. Really it was backlash! I took my time in emailing everyone back. My friend even blogged in my defense about it! The thing is… people react like that because they don’t like the damn truth! Real Talk. They hate the truth. You said something voicing your opinion, and all of a sudden…. you got beat down like virtual amistad! I’ve never been on the site, but I rate you for saying what’s on your mind, and not holding back! Keeping things 100 is the only way! BLOG ON GIRL.. BLOG ON 🙂

  2. Miss Trish, you said it girl. Virtual Amistad indeed. I like that. That other blog spanked me and put me in the corner and told me not to speak. I was five again on a time out. Brought back memories. It’s all good though. Going against the grain always comes with its own risks. Keep typing. Keep fighting.

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