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Power of One January 31, 2011

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“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: Those who are afraid to try themselves, and those who are afraid that you will succeed” (Ray Goforth).  Don’t let the fears of others tell you how far you can go. If the tree branch looks slightly out of reach then that’s the branch you should reach for.  How big you dream, and what you can achieve, is totally dependent on you. A popular saying claims that there is strength in numbers. I don’t always agree. Sometimes your drive is diminished by a lack of support from those you love. You crave their approval but they don’t give it. You seek their help but they don’t offer it. You ask for their wisdom but it’s withheld. You feel alone. But there’s a silver lining. Evoke the power of one which is the belief that you can triumph over any obstacle life presents.  There will be times when the people around you will tell you that you’re less. Those people lack vision. They don’t see what you see. They have given up; letting life bury them under an avalanche of doubt, fear, and anxiety. Carry a shovel so you can dig yourself out. Sometimes being alone is better than being in a pack as supportive as a bunch of Desperate Housewives. Seek out people who will be there when you need them. These are the folks that believe in you and see the world as full of possibilities. Drop the dead weight of the past. You can’t maintain relationships based on nostalgia and blood ties alone.

Are you being supported in your goals?

The Power of One


2 Responses to “Power of One”

  1. Marie Says:

    This post really spoke to me. I have been feeling a lack of support for a long time in my life because my closest family and friends can’t see beyond their everyday issues. They often see me as far off or extreme and when I succeed at anything they shrug as if its a fluke or cheer ONLY at the finish line . This has really made it hard for me to see any of their support–if it even exists! Now im being led to draw strength in my solitude. Having vision is truly a gift AND a curse because it requires faith/support you will not always see from those you care about and who ‘care’ about you!

    • I hear the angels singing as you relate your story. I’m you. No, I mean you’re me. Doesn’t matter. Point is I’m smelling what you’re cooking. Being alone while surrounded by a crowd is difficult. We’re not infallible. We feel insecure and weak sometimes and we would like the folks we love to hold us up when we feel down. Doesn’t always happen. Instead of lamenting our fate, we will just have to draw on the strength for which we are renowned. I see your future and it looks bright. Why? Because you see yourself succeeding so you already have.

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