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Fat Ass December 8, 2010

Recently someone called me fat – to my face – out loud.  They basically called me a pig, an oink away from being bacon.  I wish I could tell you it was some deranged kid with Tourette’s; it wasn’t.  Supposedly I gave offense and as punishment I was on the receiving end of words like a whip’s lash on wet skin.  I used all my super powers to shield my self-esteem but my mind set the moment to record and has been pressing rewind.  That’s the power of words, they reverberate.

The Super has never been tiny.  Like most women I have weight issues.  Was that why someone with no noticeable body fat chose that particular insult against me? Did they mean to inflict pain or were they just meaningless words said in a single moment of cruelty. I can’t decide. So instead I turn my attention to the words themselves and analyze them for truth.  Am I fat ass?  If you asked me I’d admit to being P.H.A.T (pretty, hot and tempting), but now I have to reassess. Truth be told, I’m meaty, strong and thick. If I was a biscuit I would be buttery with barely a hint of lard. I’m smaller than the average American woman and a few inches taller. I’m a bit of an amazon just a few muscles short of being Serena. But I digress.  The question I guess is not really if being twelve pounds over my BMI makes me obese, but whether I dismiss words hurled in heat.  Tell me people, despite provocation, real or imagined, is any insult acceptable when thrown with force? Tell me what you think?

Fat Ass


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