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Pretty Lonely October 29, 2010

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The Super has noticed an interesting phenomenon.  I noticed the trend as I strolled through the malls, visited the theater and while I walked through the city minding my own beeswax.  For the record, I believe that even if you have a face like reggae artist Shabba Ranks or Ugly Betty when she’s feeling stank, that everyone has their own special kind of beauty.  That said, there are girls walking the streets with bellies the size of army Special Forces tanks and with faces requiring bulletproof vests.  Some of these unfortunate ones stroll the sidewalks with mugs only slightly better looking the Color Purple’s Ms. Ceily.  But Don’t Cry for them Argentina, um,  I mean New York City, because they have what many of my slim and slammin’ friends do not have – boyfriends.  These ladies despite not being pretty in the face or slim in the waist, are sauntering down the avenue hand-in-hand with boyfriends and boo’s.  My Tyra Banks look-a-likes and Naomi Campbell wannabes are at home on Saturday nights eating Ben and Jerry’s.  What’s up with that? Can someone explain? Why are the pretty girls lonely while the less-than-lovely of the world have every Friday and Saturday nights jammed with dates? Are the lovely among us more picky and particular? Are they harder to please? Is there a reason all the pretty girls are lonely? Besides discreetly advertising in popular men’s magazines like professional pretties called prostitutes, what does a pretty girl have to do to get a date?  What do you think?

He's the beauty, she's the .....


6 Responses to “Pretty Lonely”

  1. PG Says:

    I think the answer is in the question. Pretty girls tend to be caught up and mystified by their own beauty, whereas, the so-called ugly Betty’s of the world do not have to deal with that curse/obstacle. They can simply live and let live. Think about how much time a “pretty” girl spends in dollars and time to get pretty, stay pretty, and maintain her prettiness. Now think about what else she could do with only half of that time and resources. My feeling is this, if you got it, you got it. You cannot improve on perfection.

    I will go one step further. Think about this, the incidence of skin cancers and a host of other diseases are linked to a number of the chemicals that are in hair care products, skin moisturizers, etc. Therefore, why spend your money on stuff that is not meant for you or good for you either? The truth is that no matter what you look like on the outside, what do you look like on the inside? It is easy to say I am a beautiful person, but real beauty attracts beauty because it radiates from the inside out.


    • PG, that was a well thought out reply so you obviously have a brain between your ears. Congratulations, you’re in the minority. Riddle me this though oh genius one. Isn’t saying all big girls have inner beauty as cliched and outdated as saying every hooker has a heart of gold? Haven’t we grown past these one dimensional stereotypes?

  2. Steve Says:

    I think all woman are beautiful in appearance. It’s what a woman is that tell you a lot about her. Like for example if she independant, confident and strong, or she can be sensitive and smart.
    Over the year the game that men play on woman like love them and leave them, have affect woman mightly to change who they really are. So that beautiful woman on the outside and inside became tarnish. So to that pretty lonely woman at home that feel she is picky, I say to you, you have every right to be picky and dont settle for less.

    • Jerrie Brown Says:

      I think pretty women are at home alone because they simply do not know how to attract without sacrificing themselves. Men detest beauty with stank attitudes. We would rather have less-than-beautiful than be bothered with what passes for self esteem in a pretty woman (namely that attitude that she is entitled to something simply because she’s pretty). Understanding men takes real effort that too many pretty women refuse to give to any man, let alone the type they might consider “worthy”. In time, some get it and some don’t…

      • Why the pretty girls got to be stank, Jerrie? Yeah I said “got to be.” So what. I count myself among the pretty and I’m not a fire breathing dragon in high heels. I’m quite civilized, gracious and down to earth. I don’t eat men for dinner nor expect them to grovel at my feet. Should you see me walking down the street should you assume that I have no home training or manners? I think not. Could it be that some men, not all, are intimidated by the pretty? Just a thought. I could be wrong. I’ll need others to weigh in.

      • Jerrie Brown Says:

        Oh, pretty women don’t “got to be” stank. I’m talking about that awful combination of beauty and stank attitude. I’m sure that people know the type I’m referring to. Social skills are sorely needed all over our country – I am never surprised when I encounter this combination – just disappointed. For men who think, I believe it’s all about choices. Why be bothered with beauty and stank attitude when beauty plus understanding is available??

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